Why practise Tenkara?


Tenkara is fly fishing in its most simplified and effective way you can think of!

Tenkara is invented by very poor mountain men in Japan. They fished for a living and therefor they had to fish in a way which was very simple and very effective. The mountain streams were not so wide, so with their long and light bamboo rods they could reach every spot. By keeping all the line of the water there is almost no interference of the other small currents within the mountain stream. This meant that the fly could move in a completely natural way at the spot where the fishermen wanted it.

 Right here  the first reasons are already mentioned;

 1.Place the fly where you want it.

2.Full control over the fly (no drag unless you want it).

3.Light rods.

 Hereby do you increase your efficiency by placing the fly where you want without any drag.

 Because the mountain men were so poor, they used everything they could find to make a fly. They did not have the luxury of added weight or an arsenal of different flies. And because they were professional fishermen they tied a fly that was quick and easy to tie and to use! With their fixed line and long rod and just one pattern they had to excel in presentation and manipulation of the fly. Not imitation or match the hatch as we call it.

 The next reasons are therefor also;

4.No time wasted in false casting because of a fixed line.

5.No time wasted in choosing and changing your fly.

6.You focus on the fishing, not the casting which makes you a better fisherman.


Besides that, as soon as you start to combine the Tenkara techniques and the advantages of a Tenkara rod with the more traditionial ways of fly fishing you will have some fenomanal fishing which is really efficient!

In short;

Tenkara takes the complexity out of fly fishing. Simplicity and efficiency are the keywords. All you need is a rod, line and a fly! With Tenkara the focus lies on technique, precise casting, delicate presentation and fly control. Keeping the line entirely off the water eliminates drag and gives you complete control of the fly. Simplicity too in the choice of fly – often you need only type, or just a few flies to cover all techniques and water types. And yes, you will still catch fish!                                                                                                         

What is more, you will increase your fishing time, efficiency and potential catch rate!