What do I need? 

This is everything that I use on a trip. The only items that you don't see are my waders, wadingshoes and my pliers.




The gear that you need are as followed:

1 A couple of flies

2 A line between 15 and 22 pound breakingstrength

3 Tippet material

4 *Silverrings

5 A tenkara rod

6 pliers

7* A net

8* Floatant material

9 Linespool

(* optional)

 This is alll you need. It doesn't look like much, but serious this is all you need! If you want to go for the techniques and flies from "traditional" fly fishing, that's ok. But do yourself a favour, do not complicate things to much.

Within Tenkara are simplicity and efficiency keywords in every aspect!

Instead of having a full fly box with 20 different patterns, each in three sizes. Keep it down to just those 5 patterns in which you can catch fish with in every situation. Trust me all those other flies are for the just in case scenarios that only happen once or twice a season. You will see that you will catch just as much and that ou will fish more efficcient because you do not waste so much time on changing flies. And you will know quicker and better which flies and techniques are the best under certain circumstances. These are the only flies that I use when I fish with "traditional" techniques.