Tenkara based services.

Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences aims to lower the threshold for those who want to start fly fishing, with the emphasis on safety, simplicity and creating for you an unforgettable experience.

Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences teaches you how to fly fish with Tenkara simplicity. Because casting comes more naturally, I can focus on teaching you how to fish, what to look for in a mountain stream and which technique will be most effective in a specific circumstance, Tenkara techniques or the more traditional western techniques in combination with a Tenkara rod.  Even more importantly, I can teach you to simplify your approach to fly fishing, keep an open mind and so get more out of your fishing trip! An unforgettable fishing experience that will forever change your view of fly fishing!

If you have any special requests, such as a dinner at the waterside with local specialities, just ask and we will arrange it for you. The most important task for us is creating that unforgetable fishingexperience for you that you will remember for a life time!


The Prices for al my guided services can you find back under  "Booking"


Whole day guided tour (8 hours)

During this day you will learn more about the thoughts behind Tenkara, the approach and fishing techniques within Tenkara. At which places you can use Tenkara and how to use Tenkara. Beside that you will get a unique insight on how to use traditional fly fishing techniques in combination with your Tenkara rod. With this arsenal of techniques and knowledge you will see that, on the end of the day, your way of fishing has been simplified into a more efficient way of fishing with increased fishing-time and possible catch-rate with just the most necessary fishing equipment. This trip will definitely change your view on fly fishing!


Half day guided tour (4 hours)

The goal during these 4 hours is to make you familiar with the Tenkara rod, the basics thoughts of Tenkara and how to use your Tenkara rod under different circumstances so you can begin your journey into the world of fly fishing / Tenkara with a more simplified and efficient view without all the complexities from the traditonional “western” fly fishing methods.





  I guided "The Tenkara Pyrenèes guiding team" and Misako Ishimura on a private stretch of the Trysil River called " Vestsjø berget"