Presentations, demonstrations and masterclasses;

 All my services  are spoken in fluent Dutch, English, Swedish, Norwergian and my German is okay.




It is a presentation about Tenkara with its background, thoughts towards fishing, equipment and fishing techniques. During this presentation are people actively involved in matters such as testing and handling the Tenkara rods, tying of traditional Tenkara flies with a vice and completely by hand. Beside that there is, on purpose, room for discussion on certain topics that are quite “ sensitive or hot”, such as the One-Fly-Approach, simplifying your approach when it comes to flies and fishing equipment and where do we draw the line of what kind of fishing can still be called Tenkara?   

Prices for the presentation are not set because of the amount of time and the topics covered, has to be agreed upon. If you are interested in a presentastion please feel free to contact me. 



The demonstrations are meant to give you a quick overview and explanation when it comes to Tenkara. They are perfect for events or combined with a workshop or a presentation.  

Prices for the Demonstrations are not set because of travelling distances. If you are interested in a demonstration then please feel free to contact me. 













Workshops / Masterclass:

When I can combine the presentation with a demonstration it will become an interactive experience. It isn't just theory, but I can explain you the theory, show you how to do it, and then you can try it by yourself. This way you learn in three different ways; audio, visual and by practise. You will learn quicker and you will find out why Tenkara is so attractive! This is mainly done for big groups that want to learn more about tenkara but are with to many people  that guiding is not an option