Fly Fishing Masterclass for Beginners.

All my services are spoken in fluent Norwegian, English, Dutch, Swedish and good German

Showing you that starting out with fly fishing does not have to be so complicated as you think!

A lot of the time people are intimidated by the complexity of fly fishing. I will show you that you can start fly fishing with easy steps that are easy to remember, with a certain set of flies that you can buy in almost any sportshop that will work in almost any situation. We will start with the basics; reading the water, choosing the flies and presenting the flies in the right way is where the focus lies. (casting is a big part of that). 

And you will see that beginning with fly fishing doesn’t have to be complex or frustrating but just a whole lot of fun!

I can reccomend a two days course, during the first day a lot of people learn a lot and during the second day you will see that it really pays off!! We will go through three different fishing techniques, 4 presentationcasts, fly selection, reading the water and what to do when no fish is rising. 

If you want I can give you a folow up on what we have gone through, what to improve on and what you should keep on doing because you already did it perfectly!!!