Our Services All my services are spoken in fluent Norwegian, English, Dutch, Swedish and good German

We will make sure that you will experience the guided trip that you are after so please contact us and tell us what you are after. Then we will make sure that you will experience everything that Trysil has to offer when it comes to fishing and it will change the way you have fished and your view on fly fishing forever!

Now all our guided trips, both traditional fly fishing and tenkara are based one the same principles and have one common goal;

I want to introduce as many people as possible  in to the world of fly fishing.

Besides that, a proper guide can teach you in one day something that can take you a whole season to figure out. This is no nonsense, I have experienced it myself, I could catch a Fish with a certain technique but I knew I was missing out on something but I did not know what it was. I hired a guide and within a day my problem was solved!  We guides show you the mistakes and how to correct them but we also show you what you are doing good and you should continue with. This is something that I find very important and that is why I invest in courses to improve my skills as a fisherman and as a guide.

I have developed through the years a program, easy steps for you to learn the basics. So you can get started with fly fishing in an easy way. I have selected the flies, I have selected the techniques, I have selected the casts and I have developed the right ways to teach you them and to combine them in the right way.  The flies are readily available in any sportshop in Norway.

Once you have mastered these basics you can learn the more advanced things within fly Fishing, but at least you have had a proper introduction of fly Fishing. And don't forget that evrything within fly fishing, the advanced stuff as well can only be mastered if you master the basics. That is why the basics are so important.

If you already mastered these basics and are one of the more advanced fihermen, I got just the thing for you! If you want to learn those extra tricks or small details in your cast or presentation that are a little outside the box then I can also show you those! They will very often give you a couple of fish extra on days that most fishermen will struggle to catch any fish at all!