Traditional fly fishing guided trips.

My approach as a guide to teach you fly fishing is a little bit different then the normal fly fishing guide. Yes I do focus on casting, entomology and fishing techniques within traditional fly fishing but always with simplicity in mind. I will teach you that what you need to learn to fish successfully in Trysil with the right amount of casts, proper presentation of the fly, the right fly choice, which technique to choose under which circumstances and how to read the water. 

This sounds very complex but you will see that during the trip everything will be explained step by step and in a very simple and easy manner so you can learn also quicker. This will result in a effective way of using your fishing time where you very soon will learn how to fish instead of just learning how to cast.

When you are already more advanced in fly fishing then tell me what you are capable off and what you want to learn or experience so I will adjust my guiding to that. 

A whole day guided trip;

During a whole day I have the time to really show you the beauty and the charm of fishing in Trysil! You will get a complete insight in the flies and techniques that we use and why I simplified it so much and why the catch-rate is higher this way. I can explain you how I fish under different circumstances with just these flies and how multi - purpose these flies are. At the same time I will show the most successful techniques that go with the flies. Off course will this day be completely tailored to your needs and skills. After this day your view on the complexity and simplicity within Traditional fly fishing will be changed for ever which will only work in your benefit and make you a better Fisherman for it.

A half day guided trip;

We will focus during these 4 hours on the main casts, techniques and flies that we primarily use in Trysil and during those circumstances at that specific fishing spot. It will be a crash course that shows you that you only need a few flies and have to be capable of casting a few casts to catch your fish with one or two techniques. From that perspective you can start learning from the basics up. 






This was the Hungarien fly fishing team traing in Trysil for the World Championships in Norway.