Booking and prices.


All my services  are spoken in fluent Dutch, English, Swedish, Norwergian and my German is okay.


Normally people ask you to fill in a form for bookings. I find this way of communicating very distant and prefer a more open and personal approach. So please feel free to send me an email or just call me if you have any questions or requests for a guided trip or another service. From experience I know that every guiding trip requires a different approach, so the most important thing is that you can tell me what you want to get out of the trip, what you want to learn or experience. This is going to be your day, your experience and I will do my utmost to create this day into an unforgettable experience!

When we have established this, then we can talk about the more serious matters that are good to know for me as a guide, such as;

- fitness level.  

- health, such as allergies or diseases that we have to take into consideration. (Epilepsy, reumatism, hart-conditions, diabetics, etc.) 

- Are you used to wading, and if so in what kind of waters do you normally wade?

- Are you new to fly fishing or are you new to the Tenkara style of fly fishing.

- What kind of fly fishing do you prefer, fishing with the dry fly, wet fly or nymph.

- What kind of water would you like to fish at, the big Trysil Elva or the smaller mountainstreams?

- what is it that you want to learn?

- Do you have your own equipment or do you want to rent the equipment?  

- How many days are you planning to fish for, so we can arrange the proper license for you. 

I do believe that it is important to know the answers to these questions so I can offer you the guided trip that you want without you worrying about safety. That is my job, your task is to enjoy all the beautiful nature and fishing that Norway and Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences has to offer.


Below, you will find an overview of the prices: (new prices as of september 2019)

Whole day guided trip of 8 hours with lunch included:

1 person 3900,-

2 persons 4650,-

3 persons 5400,-

4 persons 6150,-

Half day guided trip of 4 hours with lunch included:

1 person 2800,-

2 persons 3550,-

3 persons 4300,-

4 persons 5050,-

Please contact me for the prices for a demonstration, workshop, masterclass or presentation 

Now extra services such as  equipment that you borrow when you don't have any equipment, fishing license, a barbeque or dinner at the waterside can all be arranged if you let me know this in advance.

If you need to borrow wading suits or rods please let me know because this has some smaller additional fees.

But please contact me so we can tailor the trip exactly towards your needs and wishes!! 


Before you buy a license decide how many days you want to fish in the same area, regardless of the fact that you are fishing with a guide or not. For the first three days of fishing you pay a 100 kroner per fishing-day. But if you want to fish for 5 days it is better for you to buy a year license for 450 Nok. 


If you do not want a guided tour or any other service but you still have some questions about Fly Fishing or Tenkara, please do not hesitate to call or email me!


Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences


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