This is what Tenkara has to offer you within the district of Trysil.  


The biggest misconception, from my point of view, that we are up against when it comes to Tenkara is that people still believe that Tenkara is a fly fishing technique which is only meant for small fish.

This is absolutely true when we look at the origin of Tenkara. The fish had to be a certain size that fit a plate. Do not forget that Tenkara anglers where professional fishermen that caught fish for a living! So yes, Tenkara is meant for smaller fish. But as time passed by, different and stronger material with better characteristics where invented and different techniques on how to create the perfect equipment evolved. This made it possible to stretch the limits if you will and to enjoy both the small as well as the bigger fish in all its glory!  

Please read further And you will see what Trysil has got to offer you and believe me, there is always a possibility to catch a 45 cm sized grayling or trout and not only on the big river but also on the creeks.  

Picture made by Timothy Boocock  


 I am over and over again surprised about the beauty that these small fish posses! The red fat finn, the small white stripes on the other fins and those bright coloured red spots that cover their golden brown body. and you can catch them at the most beautiful hidden places throughout whole Trysil. From creeks of max 10 meter wide where you can catch that one hidden big fish that you never would hade guessed would be lying there! But also the fish that you see above is caught in a very small creek  of max 2 metre wide where you have to be very careful not to spook the fish because of the clear water. Casting is not always so easy because of the surrounded trees and bushes, so even those little fish are a reward!




Picture made by Timothy Boocock 

Picture made by Timothy Boocock

You might want to know what I mean by "big fish";   

Well as i said before, there is always a good chance of catching a 40 to 45 cm fish. They do not come for free you have to work for them. If you want to catch bigger fish then you really need to target them. And sometimes you also need to define your definition of the term "big". Do you count the amount of centimetres or the weight of a fish? A 45 cm fish can weigh over a kilo while I caught once a fish of 47 cm which weighted just 1 kilo.   

Then again, Trysil is not really the place to target fish that weigh more then 1 kilo. Trysil is the place of surprises, challenges, natural beauty, trying different fishing techniques and find out which one works best under different circumstances and fishing at completely different areas at the same day without having the feeling that you missed out on something.  

As you saw on the pictures above, we got some beautiful creeks with there own challenges and  the river that can be unforgiving to small mistakes and can put you completely to the test! 


Personally, I think there is a certain serenity to gain from the creeks, around each corner you have a different scenery and a different challenge and you are completely surrounded by the wild nature of Trysil.

When it comes to the bigger fish, you have to know which creek to go. There is a creek in Trysil, the Elta, which is known for its big fish that it can produce. Do not get me wrong, nothing in Trysil comes for free, you have to work for your fish. But Trysil really has everything that you can look for when you want to test yourself with your Tenkara rod. Of course the bigger fish are also in the big river the Trysil Elva. This is where you can really test yourself and your fishing skills in every aspect with the Tenkara rod.  

As I told you before, because of the development within fishing equipment we are now capable of fishing for bigger fish with a Tenkara rod but we can now also fish with a whole different arsenal of fishing techniques that suite the circumstances. Tenkara is from origin a one fly concept kind of fishing where they made use of a wet fly. Now we can fish the dry fly and try the matching the hatch concept, the dry fly and a dropper, and even czech nymphing is possible. This is also what they call " hybrid Tenkara" or using the Tenkara rod as a " tool". You combine alle the advantages of Tenkara with the modern fishing -techniques to optimize your way of fishing. This creates a real effective way of fishing.  

A lot of people are mesmerised by the beautiful colours of the trout, but for those that are not familiar with the grayling, there is a reason that they call her the lady of the stream! This good fighting grayling  was caught while czech nymphing with a Tenkara rod. All the different techniques require some small adjustments when fishing with the Tenkara rod but it is very effective indeed! 


The Trysil Elva  was being used for timberfloating, during this period they removed a lot of the big boalders from the river. The Trysil Elva is therefore more dominated by the grayling and good catches are being done and a fish between the 40 - 45 cm is always a possibility. But this doesn't mean that there is no trout at all.

I caught a very nice trout during this fight on the Trysil Elva. And it proofs again that you never know what you can expect during fly fishing!  










The above mentioned trout.



A typical view when fishing on the upper parts of the Trysil river.  




















But fishing is not only about catching fish, it is also about meeting new people, learning from each other and having a good time doing this, being in awe of the natural beauty that surrounds you. 










 The above caught fish  was caught at the place that you see here about 10 km from Trysil centre. 




I hope that i have given you a good overview  of some of the beauties that Trysil has to offer you, big or small. With the right water conditions and knowledge of the spots you can get regular catches of 40+ cm grayling. And trust me, any fish above the 40 cm is a real fight on the Tenkara rod. This is also one of the reasons why the Trysil Elva is so challenging; everything you know about fishing is put to the test. The chance of catching a nice sized fish is bigger, but if you make small mistakes you will not catch them or lose them. And this my fellow fishermen, happens to everyone.......