Here are two video's of fishing in Trysil. Just click on the pictures for the video to start. The first one is about what Trysil has to offer and the second one is a norwegion movie about our Fishing cafè. 

Each wednesday at 19:00 we organise a Fishing cafè where you can get the latest information about Fishing in Trysil. This is based at Trysil Hyttegrend. The dates are roughly between the 15th of june and the 15th of august but check out the Facebook page called Trysil Fiskekafè

Trysil has a couple of unique factors that makes Trysil to the perfect place to be for your fishing holiday!

you only have to travel for five to ten minutes between fishing spots to end up in  completely different surroundings.

There is fishing for each and every one, from the beginner to the more advanced fly fisher.

Trysil is not a place for big fish, but Trysil is a place full of surprises! You are immedst  beautyfull suroundings and the fish have some great colours as well. You never know what you will see behind every bend when fishing the creeks, and also the creeks can harbor some nice sized fish! And although Trysil is not the place for big fish, we got a very big average size of grayling, 37,5 cm, on the Trysil River. And catches above the 40cm are not rare at all.

You are always alone on a fishing spot. Trysil has so many fishing spots that although there are many fishermen, you rarely meet them.


We got all different kind of waters that you wan to fish at so you never get bored! We got creeks that change character each 50 to 100 meter and you never know what you going to encounter around the next bend, numerous of misterious lakes and the huge wild Trysil river that also changes character from a wild roaring river to more still standing stretches. Besides that we got two private fly fishing only stretches and a completely independent watersystem called the Ljøra river.


 Because of all the different sceneraries and situations that you can fish at you will never get bored and you can fish with any technique that you would like to fish with.