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Accomadation in Trysil 

Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences is based in Trysil, Norway.

Trysil is 2½ to 3 hours’ drive north of the Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport. Trysil is the perfect place to enjoy all that nature has to offer.As well as fishing, there are opportunities for walking, cycle tours, moose safaris, beaver safaris, river-rafting, barbeques on rafts on the Trysil river and to round off the day perhaps a Spa treatment?



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We have a lot of different accommodations for you in store. But also I have my preference when it comes to what I would like to offer my guests. You are off course free to choose every type of accommodation that you want but I would advise Trysil Hyttegrend owned by Ilja and Evander over anything else. They are two lovely and very service minded people that managed to create the most beautiful camping spot in Trysil, with the for Norway so characteristic cabins, sauna and grill houses. They aimed for and managed to offer their guests a relaxing and warm atmosphere surrounded by the Trysil River, the start of some beautiful walks into the forest of Trysil, cycle tours and just a 20 minutes’ walk from the city centre. Besides that, everyone that stays at Trysil Hyttegrend is free to borrow a boat for fishing on the river. It is a place in the middle of Trysils beautiful nature where you can really start your holiday in the way it is supposed to be; relaxed, without any worry’s and ready to enjoy everything that Trysil and Norway has to offer! So please check out their website, and see what Trysil Hyttegrend has to offer!


How to get to Trysil?

From Oslo:

Follow the E6 towards Trondheim. Take the exit, after ca 108 km, towards Elverum/ Trysil (RV3). Follow the road 25 from Elverum towards Trysil. If you have arranged other accommodations follow the road towards the centre of Trysil. When you are in the centre of Trysil all the signs will speak for themselves. If you have arranged accommodation at Trysil Hyttegrend, then before reaching Trysil, take the exit Nybergsund, follow the road 26 over the bridge and take a left at the roundabout towards Trysil and Trysil Hyttegrend will be on your left side after 1 or 2 kilometres.