a quick video about Tenkara in Trysil and explanation about the Fishing cafè.







A video made by one of the most known Tenkara channels; Tenkara in Focus. If you are not interested in everything then go forward to the 13th minute.It explains very well my way of thinking and what other People think of me.






The European Tenkara Convention was organised by Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences in 2013. the purpose of it was to introduce people into tenkara and to network With different companies as well. So we started out in Norway and it went on to, Czech Republic, France, Austria and the latest one was in Italy. The 5th European Tenkara Convention was a collaberation between Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences and Tenkara Friuli. Davide who owns Tenkara Friuli did a great job of organising it. Have a look for yourself!