The links below are  links where you can get a lot of information from, order the right gear, book guided trips and because I have met almost each and every one of them, I can tell you in full confidence that they have a lot of knowledge when it comes to fishing, gear and guiding. It is for them not a hobby or a profession, it is their passion and that is something that you can find back in each and every aspect that they practise within the field of Tenkara.


The Tenkara Times is owned by Oleg a very good friend of mine and he has a great passion for tenkara,  He has a great line of really high quality rods for a very reasonable price. He has also some great connections with key persons within the field of tenkara and is always thriving for improvement in every facet of his products and service. There is a lot of information that you can get from his site from different people that write articles for him from all over the world, go check it out you will not be dissapointed!

 Misako Ishimura is one of those warm and friendly people which do not only see fly fishing, teaching and guiding as a passion but as a lifestyle. She is highly skilled as a casting teacher, one of the best sources of the history of tenkara, co author of the book Tenkara, radically simple and ultra light fly fishing,and a high respected member  of the International women fly fishers.   I don't see her just as a resourceful link or person but  I can honestly say that she is a very dear friend of mine and I had both the honour and privilege to both guide her in Norway and be taught by her. Both where very memorable experiences.   


Tenkara Pyrenèes is a French guiding company with different guides through different parts of the French Pyrenèes and that have only two by them certified guides outside France that are not guiding in France. Besides that they also develop their own rods and lines from superb quality! I have met them personally and they have a great affection and passion for Tenkara which is beautiful to see and I can assure you that they can teach you what ever you want within the field of Tenkara.   

 is a Dutch company owned by Jacco vd Berg. A good friend of mine and a great fly tyer. He developed one of my most succesfull flies which i use both in traditional fly fishing as in Tenkara and it has always been a winner for me. He sells both flies, skins and fly tying tools on his site. For those that are really into fly tying go and have a look!


Tenkara USA is the first company that introduced Tenkara into the " Western" world of fly fishing. the owner, Daniel Galhardo, has a lot of knowledge about Tenkara and travels almost every year to Japan to learn more about Tenkara. I had the honour to met him at the first Tenkara summit in 2011. His site contains a forum  which  can give you information about almost every aspect of Tenkara. Besides that, Tenkara USA has its own certification for people that want to guide Tenkara. This gives you a huge amount of the proper guides to choose from. and not Only in the states but also in Europe. Tenkara USA has a couple of different rods from good quality and for different situations so you can choose the rod that suits your needs.


Tenkara Talk is a great site from Jason Klass which informs us about all the new things that are on the market but also goes into the philosophy of tenkara and shares his own ideas about different matters. A really good and great source of information about all the new things and happenings when it comes to Tenkara . Tenkara Talk has regularly updates and therefore keeps itself  very interesting to visit time and time again! 


Discover Tenkara is an in the UK based company which has its own private water, offers guided tours and presentations. It also has developed a Tenkara syllabus for learning better how to practise Tenkara. Last year, 2013, they held a gathering where Dr. Ishigaki was invited and they test very often new gear. They lately reIeased an dvd which was absolutely a delight to watch and I think a lot of good things will come from these guys in the future and I hope to meet them one day.