I have written several articles which are mostly published online and two of them are published both online and in a printed version. Just click on the pictures to read the articles.


Fish with a system and increase your catchrate.

A great article to understand what simple steps to take to improve your catchrate. This article was placed on the website of tenkara times






Is the Dead Drift overrated, or wrongly used or just ineffective?

Before reading this article please take in mind that the statements that are being made are based on dry fly Fishing, observations of Fish feeding on real insects, and my own Fishing experiences and guiding on creeks and big rivers.

A bold statement when almost everything within general fly Fishing is based on the dead drift. But what is the dead drift?


In this online magazine, which you also can get as a printed Version, you can find two articles from me.

The first one is on page 12,

Now go out and have fun, damn it!!

The second one is on page 87,

Tenkara nation

a project that i just started to work on that will show people why we love tenkara.