Your Tenkara and Fly Fishing Guide  

I am Chris Hendriks and born and raised in the Netherlands. During my educations in the Netherlands but also abroad I have learned to speak and understand  5 different languages. ( Dutch, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish. I started with traditional fly fishing in 2001 year and graduated at The Sport Fishing Akademy in Sweden in 2007. After this education i started guiding and have 1 season experience as an assistance-guide in Tasmania, Australia. And 3 years as a regular fishing guide in Trysil, Norway. In Norway i also passed a course as a wild river rafting guide and a course Sport Fishing Tourism 

 This was before I started my own guiding service, Chris Hendriks Fishing- Experiences in 2011.

Chris Hendriks Fishing - Experiences has now gained experience since 2001 in traditional fly fishing and since 2011 gained experience in Tenkara. ( mind you Tenkara has not been introduced outside Japan before 2009)

Beside that, I am really proud to say that I, through a lot of hard work and dedication, have required three certifications that mean a lot in the world of Tenkara but also within the world of Traditional Fly Fishing. 


First of all am I a fully certified Fly Fishing Guide by the standards of the European Fly Fishing Association. 



Secondly, I am the first by Tenkara USA certified Tenkara Guide in Middle and Northern Europe, and the first and only guide in Scandinavia that offers Tenkara guided tours.  

 And Last but not least, I have required a certification from Tenkara Pyrenees as their second foreign guide that guides outside France 


Fly fishing became a hobby and turned from a hobby into a passion and finally it became a lifestyle.

I started out with pole fishing and have a 15 year experience on all different kind of techniques within pole fishing. But I had always the feeling that I was missing out on something. When I decided to have a career as a guide I started with fly fishing. Then I knew what I was missing out on! Al the pieces seem to fall into place! But honestly, I never started with fly fishing if it was not for this reason. I always thought of fly fishing as very expensive, complicated to learn when it came to casting and let alone all the knowledge that you need to have about insects, tying-material and different fishing techniques. But along the way I also noticed how much fun this was! I learned a lot during my internships in Sweden and Tasmania and in the end working as an assistant-guide in Tasmania and as a fishing guide in Norway.  Slowly but steady my life evolved on how to make a living when it came to guiding and everything that had something to do with fishing. Whether it was guiding, writing about fishing, tying flies during the winter, or making pictures about fishing moments, it all came back to the same question; how can I make a living pursuing that which I love doing the most.


Why did I make the turnover to Tenkara?

First of all, I fell in love of the idea of fly fishing with a rod without a reel, it was as if my love for pole fishing and fly fishing finally became combined into a perfect match and still had all the beautiful aspects of fly fishing! And the thoughts behind Tenkara takes also a lot of the complexities away from traditional fly fishing that a lot of people are coping with. This means that the step for people to start with fly fishing and enjoying fly fishing becomes much lower.

Secondly, Tenkara puts the focus on the fishing techniques. My background in pole fishing puts also the focus on fishing techniques. If you are not catching any fish then YOU must be doing something wrong; change your tactics or technique and your chances of catching fish will increase! It saves you a lot of time when you just change techniques without changing the fly, instead of sticking to the same technique and try first 10 different flies! Stick to a few proven patterns and keep it with that.

Thirdly, because there is no reel and all the line is kept from the watersurface there is almost no drag and less time wasted on casting and more time spend on the actual fishing.

So all in all; my experiences from different fishing-styles can be combined  into one fishing style, I increase my fishing-time and my chances of catching fish! But then again these are my own personal reasons. Please read through my site and I hope that you will find your own reasons!!