What is Tenkara?

Tenkara is a fly fishing method that originates from the mountain rivers in Japan. It is fly fishing with a light, long rod and NO REEL!Basic casting comes easier as with a normal fly rod and reel. Therefor, people have often quicker results with tenkara then with a rod and reel. For those that start out with fly fishing and fish mainly on rivers and Creeks, tenkara is the way to og.

Because there is no reel and the line is directly attached to the tip of the rod, you have a lot mor feeling being transported from the rod through your hands and the experience is really awesome, not at all comparable with normal fly fishing. That what is characteristic for tenkara, is that we keep the line diagonal off the water and there are a lot of techniques where we try to give the fly a certain movement that will lure the fish to take the fly. Because of the line that we can keep off the water, we are capable to present the fly in a way that is not at all possible within normal fly fishing.

Although the basics may come easy, advanced tenkara is not. Casting a fixed line under a bush or through the wind and giving the fly just that kind of movement that is required for that situation requires finnesse and practice. 

Then again, combining the techniques of fly fishing with the advantages that a tenkara rod and line can give you……

Well, that opens up a whole new perspective of what the world of fly fishing has to offer you!!!