These are links to Companies that are well known in the tenkara industry for their knowledge, spreading of knowledge, Fishing gear and some incredible artwork. If there are companies that you really should know about, from my point of view, then they are on this list;


Tenkara Usa is the first company that introduced Tenkara into the "western world" of fly fishing. The owner Daniel Galhardo, has a lot of knowledge about Tenkara and travels almost every year to Japan to learn more about Tenkara. I had the honour to meet him at the first Tenkara summit in 2011. His site contains a forum which can give you information about almost every aspect of tenkara. Besides that, Tenkara Usa has its own certification for people that want to guide Tenkara. This gives you a huge amount of proper guides to choose from, not only in the states but also in Europe Tenkara Usa has a couple different rods from good quality and for different situations so you can choose the rod that suits your needs.

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