These are links to companies that are well known in the fly Fishing and tenkara industry for their knowledge, spreading of knowledge, Fishing gear and some incredible artwork. If there are companies that you really should know about, from my point of view, then they are on this list;


Tenkara Usa is the first company that introduced Tenkara into the "western world" of fly fishing. The owner Daniel Galhardo, has a lot of knowledge about Tenkara and travels almost every year to Japan to learn more about Tenkara. I had the honour to meet him at the first Tenkara summit in 2011. His site contains a forum which can give you information about almost every aspect of tenkara. Besides that, Tenkara Usa has its own certification for people that want to guide Tenkara. This gives you a huge amount of proper guides to choose from, not only in the states but also in Europe Tenkara Usa has a couple different rods from good quality and for different situations so you can choose the rod that suits your needs.

Discover Tenkara is one of the most leading companies that is supplying a huge amount of content about 'pure tenkara' in English. Beside that, they link that content in a very good way to western fly fishing and how you could adapt their knowledge to a fly rod and reel. They do so in such a way that it is entertaining and easy to remember what they teach you when you read, watch or to listen to their content. Siince they deliver their content in audio books, dvd's, books or pdf files and off course their Tenkara in Focus youtube channel. You might be suprised but they also deliver content about nymphing, dry fly Fishing, French leader nymphing, wet fly Fishing, because all these techniques are relateble to tenkara

Kirby Wilson makes great art from freshly caught fish, have a look at his website. His art is absolutely stunning!







tenkara times is the main European tenkara supplier and absolutely not afraid to test his rods again and again to see if they still are up to his standards, especially in a time where technology is developing so fast that rods can be build lighter and stronger. He has an excellent line up of rods and supplies basically anything for the tenkara angler in Europe. Top notch service and quality!

Tenkara angler Magazine is the leading tenkara Magazine within the tenkara community which is after all these years still written by volunteers that deliver material to the founder Michael Agneta, who is doing a hell of a jobb making it in such a good magazine!




And where would I be without mentioning Ken Orr from Orrsome Tassie Trout. I learned a lot of him during my internship as a fishing guidein Tasmania and I still take his knowledge with me on the wasterside. If you are looking for a once in a life time experience in Tasmania, look him up!

Tenkara bum is in my opinion the leading supplier for anything tenkara and fixed line related in the United states. He has his own line of rods which are sublime! And his service, knowledge and quality are top notch!!


The Tenkara guides in the states are the most known guides that are purely foccused on teaching tenkara and each year they organise a course where one of the leading experts, Masami Sakakibara is teaching a group about his Tenkara. This enfamous trio; John Vetterli, ERiK Ostrander and Robert Worthing do fulfill each other where each of the guides have there own specialities within tenkara. Because they follow the teachings of Masami Tenkara - Oni Sakakibara and organise the course they are also known and allowed by Masami Sakakibara to carry his logo and the name Team Oni USA.

 Zen Tenkara from Karin Miller might be seen by many as not truly Tenkara. The thing is though that she has a line up of rods that cover fixed line fishing. And yes, tenkara as well. But she is pushing the boundaries to see what fixed line fishing is capable of and has got great succes with it. You will be amazed what she is catching with her techniques and methods. And a lot of people including me are fishing very often a fixed line method that is not defined as tenkara. There are fixed line rods that are absolutely perfect for nymphing or a dry fly -  dropper technique and are doing a better job then a rod and reel. So check her out!