Chris Hendriks Fishing – Experiences and his website were established in 2012, though the plans were in the making since early 2011.  


The sole purpose of Chris Hendriks Fishing – Experiences is to introduce as many people as possible to the world of fly fishing and to lower the threshold for those who want to start fly fishing. We focus during our guided trips or other services always on safety, simplicity in approach, and creating for you an unforgettable experience. All this is being done by offering you a certain approach on fly fishing, simply put;  fly fishing at its simplest and most effective!

My approach as a guide to teach you fly fishing is a little bit different then the normal fly fishing guide. Yes I do focus on casting, entomology and fishing techniques within  fly fishing but always with simplicity in mind. This means that I will show you that fly fishing does not need to be as complicated as it seems! When I started fly fishing everything seemed so comlicated and overwhelming. I have figured out a teaching system that takes that feeling away, and I will teach you in easy steps what you need to know. This took me a very long time to figure out, but I like to show you how it can be done in an easier way. So you do not have to make the same mistakes I did and do not have to do the same research I did. And because i will show you this in easy steps, it is also easier to remember! 

Besides that, all my guided trips are spoken in fluent Dutch, English, Swedish, Norwergian and my German is okay.

I have very good contacts with some known experts within the field of guiding, experts within the fields of certain fishing techniques and know some of the strongest market-leaders and known experts within the field of Tenkara. This way I can continuously improve my services and keep my self and you up to date with the newest developments. I am always on the look out for ways to improve my services and increase my knowledge. I try then also to follow at least one course each year that contributes to that.  

As a fully certified EFFA Fishing Guide, I  offer trips for people that want to learn  fly fishing with the standard fly fish rods and reel. During those trips we still approach fly fishing with simplicity and an open mind to different fishing techniques, so you will learn very easy how to cast, read the water, what flies to use and which techniques are suited for certain situations.  

You will see that my approach of combining fly fishing techniques and tenkara techniques will open a whole new exciting experience within your fly fishing. I will apply this combination to your skill level and your personal equipment to find the best way of fly fishing that suits you the most. since i keep myself updated and follow courses all the time i am able to offer something for any one, from the beginner but also for the advanced fishermen